Tips from the Field

Those darn SSH connections...

One problem that every network administrator has had to deal with at some point in their careers is securing their equipment from outside attacks that come from the internet.  A firewall is especailly vulnerable since it is the device that protects your network from all those attacks and probes.  One thing that is truly annoying is when you check your logs and find out that someone has been trying to log in to your firewall.  You'll see something like this:

Rockin the Dell Compellent SAN


Wanted to share a few quick pics from a SAN install last week here in town, pretty good sized 96 total SAS 6gb disks in eight enclosures...sweet!

Next week, I'm headed to California to install a Dell Compellent SAN in California for large customer.

Get your XenWow now!

Citrix XenDesktop -- the Xen Wow of being able to use tons of applications on any of your devices from iPads to PC's to tablets to Androids to iPhones, you name it, in a super-simple way.

Dell Compellent Storage Forum - Orlando, Florida 2011


We are really excited to be here at the Dell Storage Forum to see what is coming down the pipeline from Compellent since the Dell acquistion.  Michael Dell and Phil Soran's keynotes were awesome!


Michael Dell - Not sure why my picture came out so bad, I blame my Droid X.

Compellent Training Recertification


I'm headed to Minneapolis, Minnesota to get re-certified as a Compellent SAN installer.  I am happy to find out that my flight has Wi-Fi...woo-hoo, only 3 hours to go!

XenServer Virtual Machine Performance Utility

For those of you who want to see what performance is like within your XenServer environment, this VM provided by Citrix will give you a little more insight into your Xen infrastructure.  You can download the .xva here.

Preparing iSCSI LUN for testing

Accessing the Web interface for disk performance

Top 10 Mistakes Identified When Doing Desktop Virtualization

I ran across this document and wanted to share it because I thought it was well thought out and provided valuable information for people just starting out with XenDesktop virtualization.


Citrix Xen Server 5.6 Pool Problems

From Citrix Support:

When a new host joins an existing pool of XenServers and network names have been changed manually, the pool's network configuration does not merge correctly. As a consequence, live migrations of Virtual Machines (VMs) are not possible. This is due to an inheritance problem in the pool configuration. This hotfix resolves this issue.

We have encountered this issue, and the hotfix did the trick for us, just wanted to pass along in case anyone else is having this problem.

Citrix Xen Server Migration

We are in the process of moving our Xen Server VM's over from an AMD based host to an Intel based pool.  On some of the servers we have had to re-activate Windows and other we haven't.  I would think that all of the VM's would need to be re-activated due to the hardware changes on the Xen host.  We haven't had any problems other than re-activating the servers after they have been moved.  On the AMD Xen Host we exported the VM's as a backup and on the Intel based Xen Pool we imported them to the SAN.  I've read quite a bit about this in the Citrix support forums and the jury is still out whe

Hybrid Drives


Recently the hard drive on my laptop started reporting bad clusters, I could sense the end was near so I did some research for a new hard drive.  I really wanted to splurge and go with a traditional SSD, but I need a lot of space for all of the .iso images I like to carry with me.  I think I found the best of both worlds:  The Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid.  This drive comes with a 4GB flash drive component along with a traditional hard drive platter, which gives me 500GB of space.  The flash part is nice, it uses an ad